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A garage door cable is one of the essential parts of the whole garage door system. Oftentimes, we forget to value this certain part and leave it unrepaired. As an owner, it is our job to keep every garage door part working and free from damages.

Visual indicators like dents and cracks prove that the cables are in trouble. It is ideal to let a certified technician deal with the issue. Never try to do the repair without ample knowledge and tools.

A well-working garage door will always keep our garages safe and secure. Yet, a broken garage door cable can cause accidents and delays. As an owner, it is in our interests to partner with the best team.

We offer high-quality garage door cables with various designs to choose from. We have your cable design and certified technicians who can do the fixing. Of course, we have same-day and weekend services to accommodate emergency situations.

Thus, we also offer warranty on labor and parts. Partner with the best team and have your cables function right. Let your cables function without issues.

Signs That You Need to Replace your Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables go beyond its years of service. It is one of the oldest garage door parts that makes the whole system work. It counterbalances the forces directed on the springs and the door. Yet, a broken one can be very stressful. We have to deal with the issue and let a certified technician do the fixing. Here are some signs that can help us in determining whether to replace it or not:

garage door cable repair

Old cables

Of course, garage door cables function well within a span of years indicated on its manual. As an owner, it is our job to keep ourselves informed about this thing. It is ideal to know how long it can work well and replace it before it gets worse.

Rust on the Metal Cables

Metal cables are subject to rust, wear and tear. Excessive rust indicates that the cables are in need of immediate action. Replacing these cables can improve how your cables work. Thus, it is ideal to have a certified technician do the job to avoid damages to other motor parts.

Jammed or Snapped Cables

Jammed or snapped cables are a few things that can make the situation dangerous. Jamming happens due to excessive dirt or failure to lubricate these cables. Now, it is ideal to schedule regular maintenance and inspection to avoid such scenarios.

The Safety Cable

Garage door cables have two types. One counterbalances the forces and one that prevents accidents. Safety cables are on both sides of the door frame. It helps in preventing the door from snapping whenever the spring snaps.

Yet, safety cables exist only on extension spring garage door systems. It also helps in transferring the forces directed on the springs towards the door. With this, the springs are not exposed to excessive forces which prevent snapping.

It is ideal to let a certified technician inspect this part. Overlooking issues on these cables can cause accidents and delays.

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