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Reprogramming, chain and belt replacement, faulty sensors, and damaged gears are all problems we can help with. We specialize in garage door opener repair and garage door opener installation. We can confidently state that we can fix the majority of garage door openers.

We also install Liftmaster, a well-known and dependable brand. We provide guarantees on our labor and components for your safety and peace of mind, so if something goes wrong within the warranty period, all you have to do is phone us! 

Same-day service is available, including on weekends, by licensed and skilled experts. They may also replace outdated garage door openers or install new garage door openers in freshly constructed garages.

Your garage could be a vital component of your home. It may be used to maintain your vehicles, perform home repairs, or even practice for your band. It shouldn’t be so tough to obtain such a valuable commodity.

Why Do Garage Door Openers Usually Fail?

Garage door openers these days are built with a motor that is meant to last a generation, so give us a call before you replace it. Take a look at some of the most common problems our expert technicians see on a daily basis. To save hundreds on a new garage door opener system, call us before you replace your garage door opener unit.

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Broken Gear

Plastic gears are used in most garage door openers to reduce noise. Many reasons, such as poor garage door balance, wrong opener force settings, traveler/trolley adjustment is off, or the device hasn’t been maintained in a long time, can cause parts like the gear to peel out or wear out. In any event, call us first to see whether a new gear and sprocket might save you money instead of replacing your complete garage door opener.

Faulty Circuit Board

The circuit board failure is a typical problem that may render a garage door opener to not work. When this part fails, all of the opener’s electrical components, including the photo eyes, transmitters, and receivers, might fail. Just because your opener isn’t working properly doesn’t imply it needs to be replaced. A temporary fix, like replacing the circuit board, may allow you to postpone replacing the entire opener for a while.

Damaged or Missing Sensors

The safety sensors may need to be realigned or adjusted. Electronic eyes are located towards the bottom of the door track on both sides and require a clear line of sight between them. The door will close smoothly all the way to the floor if the sightlines between the eyes are clean. The door will not drop all the way if something is obstructing the sightline or if the brackets holding the electronic eyes are out of alignment. The door will usually halt or reverse, and lights will flash to alert you to a problem.

Make sure there’s nothing in the way of the electronic sensors’ vision. Leaves or debris can sometimes obstruct the sensors; if this happens regularly, it’s possible that vibrations from the door in the tracks are loosening the brackets that keep the sensors in place, requiring them to be adjusted.


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➡ Issue: Emergency Release is Pulled Down

Due to a failure of the garage door components, motor, or power source, you may occasionally find yourself with a garage door that must be manually moved. Sometimes the electricity goes out, sometimes there’s a genuine emergency, and sometimes all you need to do is check if your garage door is damaged. When you pull down the garage door emergency release, your automatic opener will stop working and your garage door won’t open. 

➡ Issue: Noisy garage door opener.

A loose roller or hinge might be the source of a grinding garage door. To stop the grinding sounds, lubricate the components. Improper installation or a stripped-down trolley may necessitate expert assistance.

Working With the Most Recognizable Brands

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Types Of Garage Door Openers

Next Gen Garage Door Openers

Chain Drive Openers

chain drive garage door opener from liftmaster

A chain drive garage door opener opens the garage door with a metal chain. They are widely used since they are cheap and easily available. Gears and metal components are used to move this garage door opener.

Belt Drive Openers

belt drive garage door opener from liftmaster

Belt drive garage openers use a rubber belt to open the garage door. The rubber belt is moved by the belt drive, which operates similarly to a chain drive. The rubber belt is used to slide the trolley when the door is triggered to open or close.

Wall Mount openers

wallmount garage door opener

If your garage has a high ceiling or you want to preserve your ceiling space for storage, a wall-mounted garage door opener may be the best alternative. These kinds are also easier to maintain because they are lower and more accessible.

A jackshaft garage door opener, also known as a wall mount garage door opener, is often installed on both sides of the garage door. This style is common in garages with high or irregularly curved ceilings.

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Garage door opener installation services

When your garage door opener is out of date and spare parts are no longer accessible, it’s a clear indicator that you need a new garage door opener.

Another incentive to install a new garage door opener is to take advantage of the upgraded features that newer and better garage door openers provide. Wi-Fi, battery backup, cameras, and a slew of other modern capabilities that older garage door openers just lack.

A garage door opener’s average lifespan is 10 to 15 years, but if you maintain the rollers and springs, you may get 20 years or more out of it. There are several compelling reasons to replace yours, even if it is still in good working order. Newer models provide improved safety, security, and convenience, which may be enough to persuade you to buy a new garage door opener.

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