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Garage door panels protect your garage space against intrusion and strong impacts. 

Without them, your garage will be an open area where anyone can enter. There would also be nothing to block forceful winds, rains, hails, heat, and fast-moving objects from damaging your car and property.

Furthermore, your garage door can make or break your curb appeal. Any wreckage to your door panels can negatively impact your property’s value and appearance.

Hence, you should be familiar with your options in fixing damaged panels. One of which is panel replacement.

Olympus Garage Door Repair offers exceptional garage door panel replacement that will make your door like-new. Our certified technicians will first assess the condition of your garage door. Most of the time, we don’t recommend garage door replacement but garage door panel replacement. In panel replacement, we’ll remove the damaged panels and install new ones. And since we work with many popular garage door brands, finding the perfect replacement panels won’t be a problem. 

Don’t hesitate to call us on any day. Our garage door technicians work throughout the week, without any extra fee on weekends. Furthermore, we also offer a warranty on our labor and parts. So, you can come back, and the service will be free of charge.

Garage Door Panel Damages

When Should You Replace Garage Door Panels?

Your garage door can suffer different forms of damages. The following are the most common causes of garage door panel damages.

garage door panel replacement

Natural wearing

As your garage doors lose years in their lifespan, they appear more used and worn. Everything they’ve been through all those years may become evident as years pass. Thus, you’ll clearly see that you have rusty, grimy, and dented panels.

Weather conditions

Strong winds, rains, hailstones, and extreme heat. These are only some of the notorious natural forces that could impair garage door panels. They could leave you with dented, bent, rusty, or even broken panels.


Minor collisions with your garage door panels may not do much damage. At worse, you could only have dented panels. On the other hand, strong impacts from accidents may result in bent and broken panels. This includes when you backed your car into your door or when a tree falls to your house.

Off-track garage door

When your garage door has come off its tracks, it’s at high risk of becoming bent. If you continue to use your door, the force you apply may produce damaged and bent panels.

Panel Replacement Vs. Garage Door Replacement

Panel Replacement

garage door panel replacement

Expert garage door technicians will first try to examine your garage door’s current state. After which, they will determine the right solution for your situation. More often than not, a garage door panel replacement is expedient. That’s because accidental impacts do not affect the entire door. So, it would be impractical to discard the unaffected panels.

Garage door replacement

garage door

On the other hand, these are cases wherein the replacement of the whole door is necessary:

  • The damage to your panels is extensive so the cost of repair is higher than the cost of garage door replacement.
  • When your garage door is old and shabby
  • When you want to upgrade to a new and better garage door (insulated door)
  • You want to add value to your house before putting it on sale.
  • You’re renovating and you want to improve the appearance of your garage door.
  • When there are no panels available because your door is no longer manufactured.

If you need a reliable garage door company, call Olympus Garage Door Repair. We’ve been providing excellent garage door panel replacement and installation for decades now.  So, we guarantee you that you will receive the quality of service and garage door that you deserve.

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